About Reviews, ARCs and More

Welcome to Andy’s Wonderland, a small personal book blog.


This is the place where I share my opinions, discuss books and talk to others about books. This is my safe space and anyone who is found bullying me or another person in the comment section will be reported and blocked. This is your only warning.

For authors/publishers in reference to ARCs or read4review:

If I’m asked to read and review a book (whether an advanced copy or something already published), I’d prefer hard copies but I do have access to electronics to read e-books (e.g. my Kindle, my phone and my  laptop). When posting reviews for these, I will only post them with complete permission from authors/publishers and within the time frame they wish. I have an account on Netgalley if you prefer I go through that to request your book.
Please understand I’m Australian which may impact on whether I can or cannot request or accept a book. I am currently accepting read4review books!

What I include in my reviews:

– Title (linked to Goodreads)
– Book Cover
– Author
– Summary of book (either from Goodreads or from myself)
– Review of book
– Star Rating
– Who I’d recommend to (unless stated in my review)
– Where to buy the book from

*Note: If an author or publisher wishes something else be added to the post, they may message me at any of my social medias that are linked or email me (all links will be on the contact page).

For reference to all who wish to recommend me a book or offer an ARC, I will give anything a go if I have enough interest and time, however I will definitely accept and enjoy anything with:

  • LGBTQ+ characters / themes
  • Fantasy
  • Realistic Fiction / Contemporary
  • Sci-fi
  • Mythology

If you’re a follower who wishes to recommend me something, you are also welcome to message me on any social platform! I love recommendations and I’ll try to get to them when I can.

To authors in reference to proof-reading and/or sensitivity reading:

I have done beta-reading and sensitivity reading in the past and it is currently CLOSED.
For sensitivity reading, I can help in terms of the LGBT+ community, and specifically with the trans community, I’m not afraid to tell you if something you’ve written is offensive.
If you would like me to do anything, feel free to contact me about your book. Currently I’m just freely volunteering for this, so there’s no cost involved. I can happily provide feedback or write a review for you, or even consider doing an author interview.


Thank you for your patience, everyone, as I get everything sorted out.

– Andy.