Top Five Wednesday – Favourite F/F Couples

This is a late post for me but probably not for most of my followers, so here we are with another top five wednesday, as you may know this is a weekly meme that you can find here.

This week is our favourite F/F couples, whether the be between lesbians, bi girls, cis girls, trans girls, pan girls, ace girls or any two (or more) girls, this is what will be talked about today!






In at number 5 is Everything Leads to You, you don’t actually get to know for sure if they end up together but I believe they do. ❤ I think this is a little spoiler-ish so I won’t say who it’s between, but for those who have read it, you probably know who I’m talking about.










My number four is Queens of Geek, an absolutely beautiful and sweet novel that I recommend to everyone! One of the main characters being a bisexual girl! She ends up with a girl at the end of the book and once again- This is spoiler-y territory, so I won’t mention anything, but again, for those who know, it’s beautiful, isn’t it?









Number three is Lumberjanes, which features a lot of beautiful, queer girls! The ones I’m talking about for this post though are the two on the right of the cover, Molly and Mal, I can’t remember exactly if they are together but they have a mutual crush on each other and hold hands a lot and it makes me so happy to see!










This is one of the sadder ones coming in at number two, Blue is the Warmest Color. Please read this rather than watch the movie, yes the graphic novel is sadder- but it’s way better than the crap they did with the movie-









And finally in at number one is… well, once again I don’t think I have anything. I’ll give a shoutout to some books I want to read or have minor F/F couples.





What would be on your list? Have any recommendations for me?


2 thoughts on “Top Five Wednesday – Favourite F/F Couples”

  1. If you liked Lumberjanes, I think you’ll like The Woods (also from Boom!). It’s about an entire highschool that gets transported to a different planet, and it has so many great f/f and m/m couples!


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