Top Ten Tuesday – Books I Can’t Believe I Read

Ten books I can’t believe I read- Or even tried to read-

These books were absolutely horrible or in some way not to my liking, not my cup of tea as they say. Onto the list though;




In at number 1 we have Fifty Shades of Grey. I bet no one saw this one coming. I absolutely hated it and found it appalling! I don’t think I finished it but I came close and all I remember from my read of it is screaming about how that was wrong or that shouldn’t happen or “you really shouldn’t do that with your body because X could happen”. Needless to say, I didn’t continue with the trilogy (actually, there’s more than three now isn’t there?)





Coming in at number 2 on this lovely list, is… well, it’s more a ‘genre’ but here we go. It’s Yaoi. I regret reading most of the yaoi I read when I was younger. It… Let’s just say it was absolutely horrible and rather disgusting. (To say that out of the many I read, there was probably only two that contained consensual sex, is astonishing-)






At number three we have Wuthering Heights. I’m really not a big fan of classics and this is no different. I found the main characters to be absolutely terrible people and extremely annoying individuals. Some of them deserved better than they got though, but still, I regret reading this.









Another classic comes in at number four, Pride and Prejudice. While I didn’t mind this one and it was a hell of a lot better than the classic above, it still irked me a lot. I should probably stay away from classics to be honest, they’re not for me.







At least with this next classic, I do know why I read it… It was for school, in year 11 or 12… Number 5 is The Great Gatsby and is something I honestly hated reading and thought it showed a lot of wrong ways to express love-




Number 6 is Luna, a book I wished I could take back, a book I wish I could destroy because of how it made me feel. If you know me at all, you’ll know how much I hate it, and because of how much, I’m going to end it here before I rant.








And… I honestly cannot think of any more that belong on this list! So there we have it, six books I can’t believe I read.


What books have you read that you wish you hadn’t or can’t believe you read? Let me know in the comments below!


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