I Went to Comic Con Sydney!

So some awesome news, a few weeks ago I attended Comic Con in Sydney! It is an awesome event filled with geeky and nerdy stuff. And also books. There were many, many books and authors. Plus some other amazing individuals, from artists to actors. There were a lot of people. And oh the cosplay! That was fantastic.


Here’s the artwork I bought at CC Sydney!

These are honestly some amazing artists!

Check them out on Instagram and please support and follow them!

Lightning Strikes

Mel Schwarz

Austen Mengler



Here are the books I bought while there! Thanks to the amazing YA Chronicles for being there, I got four books from them! And then two other books from the authors, who kindly signed them! Thank you to Devon Madson and Ivana L. Truglio! I’m honestly looking forward to reading all of these. Seriously, they all look awesome!








Next up is the first three books in Kylie Chan’s series, well, they’re a trilogy of their own but they all connect, if I remember correctly? I got them signed for my partner who absolutely loves her but could not come with me! So of course, I took them down to get them signed as a present!


And lastly- I mentioned cosplay- And my favourite is Deadpool so of course I had to get a picture with a Deadpool cosplayer so- Here I am!



Did you go to Comic Con this year? Where at?


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