Top Five Wednesday – Series That Got Better

I’m sorry for not posting yesterday everybody! I had my friend’s birthday party to attend and it was an all-day event! (So much social interaction, I was so tired by the end of the night). However I do have a top five Wednesday for you all!


Today’s top five Wednesday is about series’ that got better, whether it be after the first book, or the first few books. A series (well, five different series’) that you just need to get through because it will get better!

I’m honestly finding it difficult to think of series’ for this because usually I enjoy it enough to keep going or I just leave it be. I don’t really have the patience to continue through a series if I didn’t really enjoy the first.

But let’s try;




Number five on my list is the 39 Clues series, while I did enjoy the first one, I feel like it did get a lot better over time, with each book. Overall, it’s a pretty awesome middle grade series and I’d recommend it to those trying to get their children into reading!









Number four on this list is The Sisters Grimm series which I actually haven’t completed yet but it’s the same deal as above, which each book I read, it got better and better for me. I’d recommend this to anyone trying to get a child into reading too, it’s a very good mystery/action-packed fairytale series for middle graders.








Coming in at number three is a comedy series by Anthony Horowitz; The Diamond Brothers series. I absolutely loved these as a kid and want to get my hands on them again to re-read them. I remember a lot of laughter when I was younger and am hoping it’s still the same now. I also remember that when I first started reading them, the first two weren’t as good as the rest and I pushed through.









At number two is The Children of the Red King series (Charlie Bone). I still haven’t read the last book but I absolutely loved this series as a kid. I wasn’t too sure about it and the first book did feel a bit slow, but as each book came, it got better and I fell in love with this series and its characters.









And finally at number one is the Gunnerkrigg Court series, a graphic novel series that began online as a webcomic. I enjoyed the first book enough to want to continue and find out what weird things are happening within it. As I read each volume, I fell more in love with the characters and story. I definitely recommend this!







So this is my list, what would be on yours?

Do you know any of the series I’ve mentioned?


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