Top Five Wednesday – Books That Aren’t Set In/Inspired By The Western World

“Talk about books that are set outside of the Western World (so outside of North America and Western Europe) or if they are SFF, books that aren’t inspired by those places (so no medieval setting fantasy!)”


Oh this one is going to be interesting to do, honestly I’m having a hard time thinking off the top of my head for books that aren’t set in North America or Western Europe.





The Wrath and the Dawn was the first book I could think of that isn’t set in the Western World. If I remember correctly, it’s set in the Middle East (correct me if I am wrong however). I’m yet to read this book and I’m so looking forward to it when I do.





Death Note. I am a massive fan of Death Note, a manga series based in Japan! I would definitely recommend this series (though it can be a bit violent/bloody, just as a warning for those who are uncomfortable by that).





Boxers & Saints! A graphic novel duo inspired by historical Chinese events.
I absolutely love Gene Luen Yang’s work and this is just two amazing novels by him.




The last book I could think of was Ari and Dante which, if I remember correctly, was set in Mexico (South America), I really don’t know my geography but please do correct me if I’m wrong. But I absolutely adored and loved this book.





As you can tell, I struggled to do this top five Wednesday. If you have any recommendations that would fit into this category, please let me know! I would love to read more from different countries!

What five books would be on your list?





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