The Mystery Blogger Award

Hey everybody!mystery-blogger-award

I have been nominated for The Mystery Blogger Award by Isa (Putting Wings on Words), be sure to check out her blog, she’s very sweet and amazing! Thank you, Isa, really, thank you!!! This made me smile and I’m glad you thought of me when nominating!

The Mystery Blogger Award is an award that was created by Okoto Enigma. It is an award to recognize blogs and bloggers who captivate their readers and create ingenious posts (Check out Okoto’s blog for more information!).


The rules of the Mystery Blogger Award:

  1. Display the award logo on your blog.
  2. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  3. Mention the creator of the award and provide a link.
  4. Tell your readers 3 things about yourself.
  5. Answer 5 questions from the nominee.
  6. Nominate bloggers.
  7. Notify your nominees by leaving a comment on their blog.
  8. Ask your nominees 5 questions of your choice, including 1 weird or funny question.
  9. Share a link to your best post.


3 Things About Myself:

1 – I’ve been reading since I was young since my mum also loves reading. She always encouraged my brother and I to read and would read to us when we were younger. Most presents in the past were books (or money, which we’d use to buy books anyway).

2 – I separate most of my books into different sections. So I basically have a section for each group: children’s books, graphic novels, manga, comics and young adult books.

3 – I had many childhood favourites but my number one author I’d read is Roald Dahl or Grimm Brothers. I always loved the magic those authors brought to their stories!


PuttingWingsOnWords’ Questions:

1 – What made you decide to join the online book blogging community (with whatever medium you used first, instagram, tumblr, wordpress, etc.)?

I started with one of those G+ blog sets, I thought it was a better and easier way to discuss books that were important to me. It gave me a bigger platform to call-out bad books and to promote good ones. It allowed me to give more to the bookish community! Of course, now I use Tumblr and WordPress.

2- Is there something specific you wish to see (more) in books published in the future? How far would you go to see that change? (E.g. would you write/publish a book, boost indie writers, wait and hope for the best, etc.?)

I want to see more character variety. I hate seeing the same old character, just described slightly different. This isn’t just for trans characters (like I said in my trans rep post) but for all types of characters. I’m sick of those “mundane but secretly special girl/boy” character, I’m sick of seeing fat characters who only get happier because they lose weight (I am fat and I am happy, stop your fat-shaming, people). I just want better, more well rounded characters that have more to them! If I find a book that has really positive and well rounded characters, I will definitely promote it! I’ve tried writing in the past and maybe I will eventually publish something, who knows? But for now, all I can do is promote what I can and encourage others to write!

3- What is the weirdest book you’ve ever read (and was it good weird or bad weird)?

I remember reading this one book, it was an Asian graphic book (not sure if it was a manga or graphic novel??) but it was a horror genre book where this person ended up getting drawn into or sucked into (???) a mountain or cliff or something- It was so weird and something I’d never read before- I’ll try and find it again and put the title (if anyone kinda recognizes what I’m talking about, please tell me!!). I’m honestly not sure if I’d call it good or bad weird- It was sort of a mixture of both? Like, it was so bad, I couldn’t look away but so good because it was unique?

4 – If you were to be a character in a book, what genre would you like the book to be (be as specific as you like)?

Oh gosh! Anything mythological based. I would love to be like Percy Jackson and be a demigod or a god or anything like that! I think it’d be fun and you know, I’d have great adventures and it’d be awesome! Actually, I’d love to be a part of Norse Myth, can I be Loki’s child? And get his gift/magic for changing shape?? I’d love that, because then I can change into whatever I want and even have a masculine body! That’d be cool.

5 – What is your favourite book written in another language than English (and why)?

Oh gosh, I’m going to have to be honest with you all- I don’t think I’ve read a book written in another language than English or even a foreign book translated to English- Like, I know I’ve read a couple of classics but I didn’t enjoy them… So, recommend me something in the comments below!


I nominate:


Kyle Talks Books


The Book Deviant

Sue’s Reading Corner


My 5 Questions:

  1. Do you enjoy graphic novels/comics? If yes, what’s your favourite?
  2. Do you ever pick up a book just because one specific word is used for it? (For e.g. if a book has a trans character, I’ll immediately pick it up because it says ‘trans/transgender’)
  3. Do you collect any geeky or bookish merchandise? (Share a picture if you want!)
  4. Are there any movie adaptations, of books you’ve read, that you’ve enjoyed (if yes, which one/s)?
  5. Do you have any pets? (Share some pictures if you want!)


Best post?

I am honestly so proud to say that my best post, the one with the most views is my Transgender Representation post! I am so happy that it is! I didn’t know until right now that it was and that just makes me bounce and smile and ahhhh, thank you everyone for taking the time to read it! That means a lot to me!


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