Top Five Wednesday – Books as Event Themes

Once again I am sort of late for a top five Wednesday? Well, late again for me, on time for most of you?

But here we have books as event themes, this should be a rather interesting one!


In no particular order I have:

American Gods – While I haven’t read this one, I have heard so many great things about it and with the recent TV show coming out for it, it seemed like a perfect idea for an event theme.

The Sisters Grimm – Who doesn’t want a fairytale styled/themed event or party? Especially with the amount of characters you could use or items you can use to decorate, choose a specific person or background, you could create or decorate food to go with it. Sounds perfect!

Percy Jackson – A Greek Mythology themed party! Now this would be awesome, you could decorate with objects from each of the Gods and Goddesses, you could dress up as the characters like the other two, you can decorate foods!

Queens of Geek – A geeky party, I’d love that! You could set it as any geeky theme or just mix everything together like at Supacon!

Vampirates – I can imagine this being a very dark, chilling party, maybe a Halloween party, with everything in a vampire and pirate theme and you can come as whomever you like, whether it’s your own character or one from the book!


So there’s my top five Wednesday.

What books would you use as an event or party theme?
Let me know in the comments!


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