Top Ten Tuesday – Mother’s Day related Freebie

This is going to be a list of my favourite mums, most loved mums and worst mums in literature I have read.



My first two are from the same book!

10: Matilda’s Mum: Her biological mum was the absolute worst and never paid any real attention to her, but then again, it wasn’t just her mum that was horrible, it was her whole family.

9: Miss Honey: Matilda’s adoptive mother by the end of the book. She was absolutely amazing and gorgeous! Sweet and an actual mother to Matilda.

Next is Wonder~

8: August’s mum: His mum always made him feel amazing, made him feel like a wonder. She was loving, sweet and kind, everything a mother should be.

Then there’s If I Was Your Girl~

7: Amanda’s mother: Her mum became one of her most supportive people in her life. She was there for Amanda and she cared for her and accepted her.

Then there’s two mothers in the next book as well!~

6: Ari’s mother: She was a sweet woman, she was there for her child even though she didn’t always understand or know what to do. She listened and talked when she could.

5: Dante’s mother: His mother was just as amazing. She was sweet and incredible and I just wish everyone had a mother like her.

4: Alana: She is a very badass, strong and independent woman who loves her daughter and her husband! I love her so much!

3: Emily’s mother: She’s a very sweet and amazing mum who is there for her children and supports them.

2: Lily: Harry’s mum who sacrificed herself for the life of her child, she saved Harry and is there for him throughout. She’s a very protective and strong woman.

1: Molly Weasley: Basically Harry’s adoptive mother but also the mother to seven wonderful children who she cares dearly about and would protect with all her strength and life.


So what mother’s in fiction (or non-fiction) do you love?

Or love to hate?


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