Review + Recommendation – Fur and Fangs by Rae D. Magdon


Fur and Fangs

Rae D. Magdon


“First of a series of Fur and Fangs’ novelettes. Moving to big, bustling New York City from rural Georgia is already exciting enough for country wolf Riley Evans, but it becomes downright exhilarating when she spots a beautiful woman in a yellow dress on her morning commute. The only problem is, she has no idea what to say to city girls…especially one that happens to be a vampire.


This was an absolutely amazing novella and I really wish there was more to it. Despite it’s shortness though, there is quite a bit to it and the descriptions of people and places were perfect, it was so easy to imagine. I cannot wait for any and every sequel that comes out because I am loving this!

I would like to give a warning to people though:
For those who feel uncomfortable by sex scenes or don’t like reading them for whatever reason, please know there is a sex scene at the end of the novella, it’s quite long. And for those who do enjoy it, know that it is 100% consensual, loving and full of care, like Isabeau asks Riley if she’s okay and is fine with continuing things instead of assuming and Riley makes sure Isabeau isn’t being hurt from the roughness. It’s very sweet.


Recommend? Oh definitely! I would strongly suggest people go buy this and love it as much as me!!!


Buy from Amazon.


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