Why LGBT+ Books Mean A Lot To Me

LGBT+ Representation.png


I want to start doing more discussion posts, get people involved and the first idea that came to me was ‘what books mean a lot to you?’ and it clicked! I can talk quite a bit about this topic and how certain books make me feel, etc, but hopefully I won’t take up too much time!

So how about we discuss it!

Now, I’m a trans man. For those of you who don’t understand what that means, it means I was assigned female at birth but identify as male.

It took me a long time to discover this, realize this, however you’d like to put it. And this was because of the lack of representation and media surrounding transgender individuals, especially during the time I was growing up.

I spent a lot of my life thinking I was weird (or to be completely honest with you all, ‘freakish’) for “wanting to be a boy” and for dressing a certain way and for wishing certain parts of my body were or weren’t there, and all that was because the word ‘transgender’ and its meaning was never used, not by those around me nor by the media I was seeing/reading.

It wasn’t until I turned 17 that I finally heard it used and that was because one of my close friends at the time came out as transgender. That was surprising, in the way that I finally found a word that fit me.

After finding out this word, I looked for books, movies, real life people that were trans and I found a whole heap of stuff – well, not as much as I hoped but still a lot more than I first thought was out there – so I started reading certain books, I started watching certain movies. They made me feel normal, they made me know that there was other people out there just like me!

When I read ‘If I Was Your Girl’ I was in a deeply depressing moment in my life. All I saw was the negative and I was in an abusive relationship and just a lot of bad things were happening at that time. I read this book in a particularly bad time in my life and it lifted me up. It helped me learn that I deserve life, I deserve love and, I am strong and beautiful. I overcame those bad things, got out of those bad situations and right now, I’m a pretty good and happy individual.

Other LGB+ books have helped me learn new words or new meanings, has helped me find myself or helped me understand others within the LGBTQ+ community.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (Binary or Non-Binary), Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Ace/Aro and Pansexual characters in books, movies, TV shows and any media are important. We deserve representation.

These positive forms of representation are important to me. Positive representation helps and it needs to happen more often.


What representation do you love?

Is there anything that made you feel more powerful?

What representation is important to you?


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