Top Five Wednesday – Books That Would Make Good Video Games



Seconds – It’s a graphic novel and would make a really interesting and fun video game!

Rat Queens – a comic series, it’s full of action and amazing women, it’d make a perfect video game!

Legend – I feel like most dystopian novels would make good video games? Like there’d be a lot of sneaking involved, a lot of action, adventure, puzzles, etc. It’d work well.

The Raven Boys – This would make a good video game because of the mystery, puzzles and adventure in it.

Lumberjanes – Similar to the Rat Queens series, this has some kickass girls, action, adventure and mystery that would create a wonderful video game.

I feel like a lot of these would make great Telltale games! And I would definitely play all of them.

What books do you think would make perfect video games?

Do you enjoy gaming?


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