Top Ten Tuesday – Things That Will Make Me Instantly Want To Read A Book

I’d say, there’s quite a few things that would make me instantly read a book but here’s my top ten!


The first two sort of go together which are:


  • Transgender characters or
  • LGBTQ+ characters in general

As someone part of this community, I want to see more characters like me in fiction, I want to see more characters like my friends in fiction. I want LGBTQ+ people to see themselves in fiction.


  • Terrible governments being overthrown

I know it’s an overdone trope in Dystopian but I love it! It’s quite, I don’t know, enjoyable, seeing a government come crashing down.

  • Mythology and retellings – Love love love both. Well, especially mythology if I’m being honest. I just love each author’s interpretation of things or what they can bring to it!


  • ‘Coming of Age’ stories – if it’s called that, I’ll most likely pick it up

  • Music – Anything where the character sings or plays a musical instrument, I can’t help but try it. I’ll be reading the above book asap!

  • Anything to do with water – whether the character is a swimmer or a merperson, or it’s set at sea/ocean or whatever, as long as it’s got to do with water, I love it

  • WW2 – any books that have to do with world war two, I usually read them and I don’t know why because I always end up crying – and let’s be honest, I think we all cried during the above two (even if you only saw the movie).

  • Anything with a horror aspect – I absolutely love horror and I need some more recommendations on that front


  • As odd as this may sound, but short series – if it’s 5 books or less, I will read it, I don’t really have the attention span to read a series longer than 4 or 5 books so if it’s something really long, like 10+, I probably won’t even bother picking up the first book because what’s the point if I’m not going to finish it?



*Note: To any photos not of books, credit goes to whoever made them, as I found them on Google, I don’t know who exactly created them, so I’m sorry for not properly crediting!*

What makes you instantly pick up a book?

Do you have any recommendations for me?


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