Planning or Winging It – Monthly TBR

I wanted to write about this because I know a lot of people do videos or blog posts, myself included, about a planned TBR for the month. In fact I was going to do one for this month, April, until I remembered I wouldn’t follow it.

I’ve tried planning it before, I did it last month… and the month before… and the month before… and I find that I get through two or three books and then sort of… move towards other books and read them instead.

I would like to be able to plan it because I feel like it would help me get through all the books that I specifically own and haven’t read. But unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work for me. I guess it’s also because I’m more of a ‘mood reader‘, where I have to be in a particular mood to want to read certain books or genres.

I know a few people like that.


So, I want to know;

Do you plan your TBR each month or do you just wing it, wait for the book to call out to you and you pick it up and read it?

Any suggestions for those like me who cannot seem to stick to a plan?


10 thoughts on “Planning or Winging It – Monthly TBR”

  1. I try to plan it, just because it keeps me accountable to actually reading. But that being said, I have so many ARCs and people keep asking me to buddy-read things so my Planned TBR for the month always ends up changing and adapting throughout the month. I sort of enjoy seeing how different it ends up from what I planned though.

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  2. I’ve always wanted to be the type of person who plans a monthly TBR, but I just can’t. Part of it is because when I have tried to plan out a monthly TBR I get overly ambitious and pick out too many books than I’ll be able to read, and then I’ll feel bad at the end of the month when I failed at reading all of them. The other part is because, like you, I am a mood reader!


  3. I usually have one or two books I plan to read (ones I read for book clubs and such) and a few books I know I want to read soon, and then I just see where that gets me. I’m also a mood reader, so I don’t make a definitive TBR for each month.


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