Top Ten Tuesday – Top Ten Authors I’m Dying To Meet

Oh dear, there’s probably quite a few authors I’d love to meet, whether I’d have anything to talk about or ask them is a whole other story since I’d probably be too awe-struck to do anything.

However there’s still some amazing authors I would love to meet and to choose only ten is probably going to be hard but I’ll certainly try!


Let’s see~


I guess we can include authors who have passed away?
So, number ten on my list is, J.M. Barrie who wrote my favourite childhood book, Peter Pan. I’d probably just continuously gush and ramble on about how much I love it but I’d still love to meet him.




Coming in at number nine I’m going to say… Brenna Yovanoff, I’ve loved all her books since her first one, The Replacement. I think I still have two others to read before I’ve read everything by her though. But it’d still be awesome to meet her and talk about her books.






At number eight I’m putting Austin Chant. He wrote Peter Darling which is a transgender and m/m take on Peter Pan. I would love to meet him and thank him and just talk potentially all day with him.






Going to number seven, I would love to meet Gene Luen Yang. He wrote American Born Chinese and Boxers & Saints. I loved those graphic novels and would love to meet him. I wouldn’t know what to say to be honest but it’d be great just to meet him and say that his works are amazing.





Number six and almost halfway there, I’d love to meet another graphic novelist, Raina Telgemeier, who did such graphic novels as, Drama, Smile, Sisters, Ghosts and some of the Babysitter Club stories in illustrated form. I think I’ve read everything by her, she’s pretty much an auto-buy author now and I would love to meet her and tell her that her art and stories are awesome.




Halfway there at number five and we have Meredith Russo, author of If I Was Your Girl. Anyone who knows me, knows that this was my favourite book of the year last year and will forever hold a place in my heart. I would love to meet Russo if just to say that her book made me feel good about myself and to tell her that I know that I deserve love and happiness.




Number four is going to be Brian K. Vaughan who wrote the Saga series. I’m in love with that series, though I do have a few questions I’d ask about some representation he’s got in it. But otherwise I’d love to meet him and tell him that it’s a fun and action packed series.





Alex Gino comes in at number three, they wrote George. I would probably love to meet every trans and non-binary author out there. Gino wrote a very beautiful story of a young trans girl wanting to play the part of Charlotte in her school play and it makes me feel so good to read it.





Number two is Cornelia Funke, author of the Inkheart series. I honestly need to re-read the first book and complete the trilogy but I would love to meet Funke and talk to her about her books and her inspiration and everything like that.






And finally, my number one author I’d love to meet is… *drum roll* Rick Riordan, he wrote the Percy Jackson series and the Heroes of Olympus series and the Kane Chronicles. Who wouldn’t want to meet such an amazing writer who includes so much diversity and knowledge into his works.





So there you have it, 10 authors I would love to meet. Who I wish I could meet right now to be honest!


What about you? Who would you want to meet if you could?


2 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Top Ten Authors I’m Dying To Meet”

  1. oh gosh. ok, in no particular order: Anne McCaffrey (Pern), Mercedes Lackey (Valdemar), Lois McMaster Bujold (Miles Vorkosigan), Jane Lindskold (Firekeeper), Neil Gaiman (Seriously? doesn’t even need introduction), Patrick Rothfuss (The Kingkiller Chronicles), Robert Jordan (Wheel of Time), Brandon Sanderson (Finished Wheel of Time, Mistborn), Melissa Marr (Wicked Lovely) and….Jen Wilde (Queens of Geek). Katharine Kerr (Deverry) would be on the list but I’ve met her…but I wouldn’t say no to the chance to take her out for coffee!


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