Top 5 Wednesday – Books You Want to See as TV Shows

I know! This is an older t5w but I have no clue what to do for today’s one. I’m not a romance person so I doubt I’d have enough for that.


So my top 5 books I want to see as TV shows are *drum roll*



5: Percy Jackson series – Yes, I know it has had a movie and it was… well, it was bad. But it deserves a second chance! As a TV show, more fleshed out and more details in it! Can you just imagine it?

4: Vampirates – I quite enjoyed this series when I was younger and I actually wouldn’t mind seeing it made into a TV show!

3: The Sisters Grimm series – I love this series! I would love to see each book made into a different season! It would be so fantastical and magical!

2: The Raven Boys – This would work so well as a TV show rather than a movie per book! It would have so much more included in it and be so much better.

1: Inkheart – Once again, I know… it had a terrible movie but it deserves so much better as well! It should be given another chance as a TV show!


So there, that’s my list!


What would be on yours?

What would you like to see made into a TV show?


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