Top 5 Wednesday – Books You Felt Betrayed By

The Top 5 Wednesday group can be found here as usual!

Now onto my fabulous list;

Ah yes, all of these books have in some way betrayed me but before anyone jumps at my answers! Please hear me out, I have my reasons!

1 – The Book Thief – Now, don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love love love this book, but oh my goodness, that ending. It betrayed me, it betrayed my feelings and emotions. I weep forever because of this book and yet I continue to go back to it and cry all over again.

2 – A Study in Scarlet – This is book one in the Sherlock Holmes series and I began reading these right after I fell in love with all the different Sherlock shows and movies that were out… but unfortunately the book fell short for me. I did not enjoy it at all and it just… betrayed me.

3 – Parrotfish – This is a book about a trans man so I thought I might enjoy it… Until I read the summary. This book, just from the summary, and even more in the text, is extremely problematic and wrong. One example is the use of ACE bandages which can potentially kill you. It just… The betrayal at its highest.

4 – The Good Neighbors – I read this because I very much enjoy Holly Black’s work. So I thought this wouldn’t be different. I thought, I’ll pick it up, I’ll read it and I’ll love it. I was wrong… It felt very average and sort of ‘eh’ to me and that felt like a huge betrayal.

5 – If I Was Your Girl

Lastly, I have my favourite book of all time, if you don’t know me well, If I Was Your Girl was my number one book last year and I own two copies of it. So you’re probably wondering… ‘then why is it on your list?‘. Well, my dear friends and followers, it wasn’t exactly the book that betrayed me, it was one of the characters.

Bee. Bee betrayed me when she betrayed Amanda. I will never forgive her and I was shattered, heartbroken. It was so sudden, I had to take a moment to breathe.

So that’s my list of five books I’ve been betrayed by.

Do you have any?


4 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday – Books You Felt Betrayed By”

  1. I completely forgot about Bee’s betrayal (I think I repressed it) and now you’ve reminded me that it happened, I’m angry all over again.


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