Review – 365 Days of Wonder by R. J. Palacio

~ Words of Wisdom for Every Day ~

I’ve been through a bit of a read20758093ing slump recently and decided to give this a go. I figured it might lift me out of the slump and I wasn’t wrong.

It worked perfectly.

Not only that though… This book has made me feel so many amazing and wonderful emotions. I feel this is a book that needs to be shown to everyone, something that needs to be read by children, by teenagers, by adults, and especially by teachers (at least when it came to my school).

We could all learn a lot from this book of precepts and I hope people take the time to read it, it should only take a day. It’s so easy to read but you get so much out of it.

In the book Wonder there is an English teacher, Mr Browne, who gives his students precepts and has them think about what it means to them. This book is inspired by Wonder and the characters you’ll find in it.

Each page is a different precept and at the end of each month, there is a small 1-4 page story from Mr Browne and his conversations with students, family and even things he has learned since he was younger. It all fits together neatly and is beautifully done.


I leave you with my own precept, which I learned from a book/movie:

When someone pays you a kindness, pay it forward~

I hope you all do something kind today and that if you receive a kindness, you pay it forward. Maybe with a little time, things can get better.


What’s your favourite precept (words to live by)?


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