Review – Archie Appleby by Kaye Baillie

Archie Appleby: The Terrible Case of the Creeps

Kaye Baillie33554634

A missing uncle, a scary aunt and a basement full of the creeps …
Archie gets more than he bargained for when he stays with Aunt Ruth. Her spiky white hair looks like it’s been through a storm. She puts things in her stews like devil’s beard and eye of newt. But worst of all, Aunt Ruth has a dark, creepy basement at the bottom of the stairs!
When Uncle Jock goes missing, Archie just knows Aunt Ruth is behind it. But to prove it, Archie may have to go down into the basement…

Received from Netgalley

This was a very enjoyable, quick, intriguing read! Definitely suits a younger audience and I was surprised I enjoyed it so much. It did have a bit of a rushed ending though, which is what dragged it down a little.

Rating: 4/5

Recommend? Yes! I would certainly recommend this to anyone around 12 and under.


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