Top Ten Tuesday – Fictional Crushes

You can find the list here

I’m going to do the fictional crushes one! This will be fun~

1: Peter Pan – He was probably my first ever fictional crush from back when I was around 8-12. It was always a problem though, I didn’t know if I wanted to be with him or be like him, haha!

2: Dustfinger – I’m pretty sure he was my next love. I loved him in the book and I wanted to hug him so much because he was so sad to be away from his world and family ;-;

3: Aristotle + Dante – Yes, I’m putting them both together. I’d definitely be in a polyamorous relationship with these two, I love them both dearly and wish I could cuddle.

4: Hook – But only from Peter Darling (Or if we’re talking Once Upon a Time). It’s a very recent crush too.

5: Alain/Ivy – He’s the most adorable person I have ever read about. I just… *dies of cute*

6: Metais – I hope I spelled his name right. It’s been a while! Gosh I love him though.

7: Lisbeth – She’s one of my first woman crushes I think. And this is mainly from the movie/graphic novel (I haven’t read the book yet, I keep putting it off tbh-)

8: L – I loved L from the moment I first saw him in the manga.

9: Tancred – He was a pretty amazing character when I was younger. I loved this character so much, I used to pretend I had the same powers as him, haha.

10: Ronan Lynch – He is my current crush. I blush too much when I read The Raven Boys.


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