Top 5 Wednesday – Books to Get You Out of a Reading Slump

This is my first time ever doing this and I hope you enjoy!

If you’d like to join in, here’s the group.



5. Lumberjanes

Badass girls going on adventures and most, if not all, are in some way queer? Need I say more!





4. Anything by Raina Telgemeier

I love Raina’s illustrations and stories so much I could read her everyday.

3. Manga. Just manga in general.

2. If I Was Your Girl by Meredith Russo

A perfect story about a young trans girl getting through high school, finding herself and finding new friends.



  1. Peter Pan

This has always been my favourite. Childhood until now. It gets me through any reading slumps.


7 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday – Books to Get You Out of a Reading Slump”

      1. Nice! Right now, I’m still more into anime but I’m definitely enjoying reading the source material for some of the stuff that I watch and love. I also read some of the light novels but I can’t binge read/watch them as I could manga and anime. 🙂

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